One by One

I fail at blogging. Done, and done.

So now that we got that over with, I guess it’s my honor and duty to finish a bit of Las Vegas for everyone and myself.

Since Elana never actually finished with Friday, I have to rack my brain and figure out what happened on the rest of Friday and Saturday, I suppose.

OK, so I think this is what happened…

After our sexy bath together, we decided to take a walk to MGM to check out this new CSI interactive be-a-detective thing that was taking place there. As we were approaching, we could read the electronic billboard things that were flashing on the MGM building about a block away. We saw it advertise the CSI thing we had come all the way to participate in, and… it didn’t start till Sunday. Oops. I guess we should have read the ad in the attractions booklet a bit more carefully. So… what then?

We had walked a mile or something to be greeted by sorta kinda nothing. All of a sudden, we saw bright colors out of the corner of our eyes, and huzzah! M&M’s World was only a couple feet away! That was good enough for us.

We spent an hour or two enjoying a rainbow of chocolatey bliss. It was goood. Elana finally acquired her long craved-for Mini M&M’s, and Brenda and I got a good tube for ourselves as well. Satisfaction guaranteed.

After our exciting M&M adventure, we went over to MGM anyway to see if we could get tickets or at least find out more about the CSI dealio. Plus, we figured we couldn’t get too bored at another Las Vegas hotel/casino.

At MGM, we saw more lions, got tickets for CSI (10am, Sunday), and did this uber boring TV screening opinion thing. I won’t explain. To reward us for being locked up in a room for over an hour, however, the TV screening person gave us coupons for a bunch of free/discounted snackies.

Next was an almost-midnight dinner back at the Bellagio.
Sidenote: Elana totally exaggerated the priceyness of our Las Vegas meals. Our meals cost just as much as any other nice restaurant. But… Elana’s a spaz. As we all know.
Dinner was so uber yummy. I had an old-fashioned tomato soup with a side of a grilled cheese sandwich. I could tell that this restaurant was one of the nicerer ones when the grilled cheese sandwich turned out to be the size of a crouton. Whatever. It was so good.


That was Lion King day. And, boy, did we make it happen. Our original plans included rides at the Stratosphere… which didn’t happen. Instead we did the unthinkable — we shopped. The whole day.

If anyone knows Elana, you know her avid rejection of shopping and money. It’s just a big N-O. But we did it. We shopped all day long.

I ended up with 2 dresses and a pair of shoes. Elana bought a dress, jeans, 2 shirts, and a pair of shoes. Brenda got a shirt, a dress, a pair of shoes, and… other stuff? I don’t know…

But it was fun. We all had completely new outfits for the night, and we were slightly themed (Brenda had two zebras on her shirt, I had an Africany tribalish-looking dress, and Elana failed). We finished shopping with less than an hour to get to Mandalay Bay for The Lion King.

* * *

7:00pm (PDT)
Mandalay Bay
Las Vegas, Nevada

We were in the magical building in which the theatre that held the love, passion, fear, and sorrow of The Lion King waited for us. The tingles racing through us told us that it was calling us, and we were ready. We followed the signs that pointed us to the Mandalay Bay Theatre, and finally we saw it. The dandelion gold of the poster-banner inviting us in nearly screamed at us, matching our excitement.

I don’t know about Elana and Brenda, but I was totally stoked.

We got our tickets, and then needed to get food within the hour timeframe we had before the show started. Japanese, Chinese, Italian, or French? Since Brenda is a picky little princess who can’t read or spell, we ended up at the China Grill, which had pretty much no Chinese food. Except for “Chinese ribs” or whatever it was… which is hardly Chinese anyway.

Anyway. That wasn’t even important, so moving on.

Before we actually walked into the theatre theatre, we were in the lobby area where they were selling some merch. This lady with “I work at the Mandalay Bay Theatre” attire and a big camera in her hand approached with the question, “Hi, would you ladies like to take some pictures?”

I blurted out, “YES!” grabbed my posse, and marched them over to the Lion King backdrop. We posed in various poses like the natural supamodels that we are, grabbed our photo card ticket thing, and ran inside the theatre theatre.

One of the ushers originally tried helping us to our seats, but Elana — being the ever-so-confident theatre geek — briskly brushed her aside and strided down an aisle. I, not knowing at all how the Mandalay Bay Theatre seating chart worked, merely followed since I didn’t know where we were going.

Another usher showed us our seats.

In the fourth row.

Of the orchestra.


It was so cool.

Ten minutes after 8 o’clock, the show started. By the way, we totally lucked out and ended up with aisle seats. If you’ve ever seen The Lion King, then you know that aisle seats in the orchestra are pure perfection.

I got to stare through a giant frickin elephant. I could see Young Nala as the baby elephant perfectly. One of the bird ladies actually looked at me for more than a second with a beautiful smile on her face. During “One by One”, my inner dork really came out when I was secretly hoping that the lady singing right next to me would accidentally get a drop of spit or sweat or something on me. I’d turn to Elana and squeal as quietly as I could, “OMG SHE SPIT ON ME!!! I HAVE LION KING SPIT ON ME!!!” It, um, didn’t happen though.

Backing way back up to the beginning again — The Circle of Life.

In case it wasn’t known, I have had a Rafiki fetish ever since I first saw the show many years ago in Los Angeles. The one nightmare I ever woke up crying from involved Rafiki getting brain cancer and leaving. It was absolutely heart-breaking.

Anyway, I was so completely stoked to finally reunite with my long lost love after so many years. The Circle of Life. Elana and I almost lost it and started bawling.


Oops. I’m running out of time. I’ll have to save the rest for later.



A Very Happy Un-Birthday

Since it’s Friday night. And I”m up now, I thought I’d do a morning blog and explain all of Vegas! Like Sabrina, I too have become a morning person. Morning person in my mind, meaning waking up before 10am, going to bed around 4am still. I’ve never been someone who likes going to bed, so I stay up all hours and now I’m waking up before my usual 2pm, afternoon. Weird. I actually wake up in time for school with my blessed schedule this year!

Anyway, Vegas. I think it’s about time you guys heard about that trip, oh and Disneyland. It’s been a week and we were so spoiled in Vegas that coming back to reality was such a slap in the face! Now that we’re home, we realize how glamorous life could be, but ours just isn’t. Oh joy.

I’ll start with September 10th. September 10th was Martin’s Birthday, and like everyone should do on a Birthday, we went to Disneyland! Now, if you go to Disneyland on your Birthday it’s not only free, but you get this super trippy pin that tells everyone it’s your Birthday! Pretty darn spiffy!

Sabrina, Brenda and I got pretty awesome “We’re Celebrating” pins as well to show off what cool things we do on someone’s Birthday. Made me really excited, yes, we are indeed amused by the littlest things in life!

My mom decided she wanted to go to Disneyland the same day, so she went with my two brothers: Malik and Ari. It pretty much tore me apart at this point, so I was flipping sides, went on a lot of awesome rides with the awesome Birthday Crew, then flipped to hang out with the first timers! It was Malik and Ari’s first time EVER to be in a theme park, not to mention DISNEYLAND! That day was memorable for all of us! I found out that Malik is just like me. He’s a little dare devil, this kid begged to go on Splash Mountain (AKA The Log Ride), front row. And before Brenda and I caught up to him, he had already gone on the ride, by himself sitting with a complete stranger! I remembered when I used to do that when I was younger! My first extremly loopy roller coaster was in Knott’s Berry Farm. Brenda was about 2, and so unable to go on any rides, so my mom had to stand on ground with her instead of going on the ride with me! (Yes, my mom is awesome and goes on upside down rides!) So I was put on the ride, with a complete stranger. I even remember our conversation!

Stranger: Have you ever been on an upside-down roller coaster before?

Baby Me: No……

Stranger: Well, then you better scream, if you don’t scream all the pressure builds up in your head and it hurts.

So, I screamed. I screamed like crazy, I was so scared my head was going to explode if I didn’t. I later found out that guy was full of BS. Haven’t really screamed since….

Back to Disneyland!
Sabrina and I decided that we are GOING to work there at least one time in our life, it seems really exciting. I mean, who wouldn’t want to work at the Happiest Place on Earth? People who don’t enjoy Disneyland’s magic are psychotic *cough* Adrian (who you guys don’t know, who Sabrina doesn’t know, who doesn’t read this blog. Slick.)

We all had a great time at Disneyland, the only downer was Space Mountain (awesome-tastical ride) was closed down along with the Haunted Mansion. Guess we have to go back! Oh.. and my little dorks weren’t able to go through Jedi training. /tear.

I’m sure you readers know Sabrina and I are crazy, I mean, you’ve been reading our blogs pretty much getting involved with our crazy lives, you’ve heard about our 1 day San Francisco trip. But I felt like that weekend was beyond crazy! We got home from Disneyland, pooped. It was getting late, about midnight and we knew that we had to be up at 4am to get on a plane that left at 6am, to arrive in Las Vegas, to meet up with my uncle. Yes, that means we were going on the plane by ourselves, which I’ve done more times then actually going with parents for some reason!

It was such an exciting flight! My uncle, is err.. well sort of kind of rich, so he told us that when we got there, to expect a man holding our last name on a piece of paper, and he was going to be a driver! He told us his name was Flo. Us being the dorks we are, assumed he was some awesome raper: “Hey, I’m Flo, it’s time to get this SHOw, on the ROad, let’s GO, H… nvm.”

Our creative minds started coming up with different raps, that one not being one of them! Ha! When we saw him, he wasn’t a cool rapper… he was just, a driver. Yay for drivers! So he drove us to the hotel, we just so happened to be staying at The Bellagio, which is apparently one of the more classier hotels there! It was beautiful! The display was amazing, it was all made up by flowers and there were REAL birds flying around, mind you they were in cages, but still. Tropical birds. It was paradise.

The second we got there, we met up with my uncle. He’s incredible. He’s Hungarian, thick-accented, and funny, blunt and funny! First thing we did, was head into the VIP section to find out when our rooms were ready. They had been there from the night before, so they were already comfortable in a room. But Sabrina, Brenda and I were still homeless. We had breakfast the second after, and us being all VIP and all got to stand in the VIP line. It was epic.

Anyway, when you’re with my Aunt and Uncle you are NOT allowed to look at prices when you buy food or things. 1. You’ll pretty much feel sick and want to kill yourself before buying something with that price, and 2. They actually get mad… haa!

So we ate at extremely fancy gourmet restaurants. Every meal we had was so satisfying, we ate every bite we could. We were spoiled. Each day felt like a week, it was wonderful. We were ready to leave by the end of it though!

Anyway, after we ate, we went to the Secret Garden. The Secret Garden is pretty much a small zoo with Dolphins and amazing cats, wild cats, exotic cats. There were white tigers, white lions, leopards, ect. They were beautiful, and oh so cuddly! They were HUGE. I never knew lions grew to be that big, they were so big they practically looked fake. Huge hugable stuffed animals. Rawr.

After the Secret Garden we went some pre-shopping to get me a bathing suit. Unfortunately, my bathing suit had broke just the week before and since the temperture in Vegas was so dry and hot, I needed one to be able to cool off in the pool!

The thing is, I’m super picky when it comes to picking out bathing suits. The first bathing suit I tried on was this skimpy yellow one, had city of sin across the butt, and had a hand of cards, fanned out, and said: Las Vegas on it. I probably would’ve had to buy this bikini if it wasn’t for the fact you saw my boobs while wearing it. Of course it was completely see-through, they used barely any material. You could see everything, it was uncomfortable. I am one to absolutely NEED padding in my bathing suit. I hate it, I’m not a fan of boobs at all. (sorry guys.)

So we went to a couple more places, nobody sold any bathing suit tops with padding. It was terrible. We finally went into this one store, the top and bottom were being sold separate (even though they were matching parts), I tried it on, fell in love and bought it. Didn’t take a second look at the price. Brenda, being a pest and all had to tell me that the top of the bathing suit was about $80, the bottom about $60. I know the total was $140. I own a bathing suit that costs more then my entire wardrobe. I think I’m going to be sick.

It worked though, I’m going to use that bathing suit as much as I can to get their moneys worth in! Unfortunately, Summer has pretty much just ended. I better not grow.

We went to the pool afterward, there were so many pools and jacuzzi’s, they all looked the same. We first went into one with a fountain, or at least tried to get in. That water was deadly cold. It hurt. All our muscles tensed up and we could barely breath it hurt so much. We pool hopped and noticed the other one with the fountain was just the same. We went to the bigger pool, and thankfully it was heated by the sun. It was intense.

After the pool we got food, I love how you can charge things to your room. So convenient. It was horrible though because you have to sign your name, but in that case I had to sign my uncles name. I was so nervous, I know I was allowed to, it wasn’t illegal but I didn’t know how to do it. We literally sat there for 10 minutes deciding on how to sign his name. We figured it out by the end of the trip…

After our pool/food experience. Our rooms were finally ready! Sabrina, Brenda and I got the room to ourselves. 3 girls, 1 room, no adult supervision. That could make a movie (keep the comments to yourselves pervs)!

We got inside, and explored every inch of that room. We soon came to realize that there were blinds, blinds blocking a window that could not be pulled apart. We searched for the button, the button you see in movies which are automated to open the blinds. That button actually existed!! We figured it out, and wow. You should’ve seen us. We had a “Fountain View”, one of the better views and we were in such awe. When the curtains opened, we literally stood there (still in our bathing suits) looking down at the fountains with a 22 story drop. Amazed.

The fountains weren’t only there for looks, they were also there for entertainment purposes. There was a water show ever half-hour. It was incredible, I can’t even explain it! OMG! Maybe I can show you, youtube here I come! Try watching the entire thing, it get’s pretty epic!

We were still all sticky and chlorinated and we needed a shower. We go into the bathroom, and guess what we find? A pretty big bathtub. We weren’t going to put that to waste! All 3 of us jumped into the bathtub, with out bathing suits on mind you. And had nice bath together, so much fun!

…. wow. So I realized this trip is so freaking long. I’m only on Friday, the day of arrival. I think I’ll save the rest for later, or Sabrina will pick it up! I’m going to go make myself some breakfast! Later!

Bedtime Stories

So apparently I’m a morning person now? Or something like that… I don’t know, but I’ve been waking up at around 8am everyday for about 3 weeks, and for the past few days, I’m totally conked out by 11pm.

Since I don’t have the ability to function at night anymore, I’ve been forgetting to do lots of important night things: brushing my teeth, taking my pill, taking my contacts out, and writing my blog. I’ve been alternating forgetting one or two of those things the past couple nights, but last night, I managed to forget all of those things. There was yet another thing I forgot to do last night though, which was to actually go to bed. Oops. I woke up at 2am this morning and found myself still on the couch with a blanket on.

I had been watching TV with my mom, and I fell asleep. Normally when this happens, my mom either tries to wake me up and tells me to go to bed or she just turns off the light and lets me stay there. Usually when she tries the latter one, I wake up and get really mad at her for abandoning me there.

Last night, my mom tried both of her tactics (waking me up and shutting off the lights), but I guess it didn’t work. I fail.

So instead of being normal, I woke up at 7am this morning.

* * *

OK, so I just realized that I’m not in the mood for this. Therefore, Las Vegas is going to have to go down another day… because today sucks.

Until next time,

P.S. Elana, you totally failed at your exit two blogs ago. As far as I’m concerned, TTYL doesn’t translate as “ta ta for now”. Unless you really did mean “Talk to you later, ta ta for now…” which, you know, is awkward. Just saying.

Jennifer’s Body

I think Sabrina died…. or something?
Well, I know today is already the 17th, but I just got home and I figured Sabrina would have a blog up by now, but she doesn’t. SHUN.

Anyway, I’m home so late because I went to the premier for the movie “Jenifer’s Body”. It wasn’t that great. I love Diablo Cody as a writer (the woman who wrote Juno, who let me tell you is SO freaking adorable in person), but this just didn’t cut it. It was a comedy/horror/fail. Eh. It did have a hot lesbian make-out scene! Which was zoomed in…. sick.

Anyway, it being late and all and NOT my day. This is all I’m writing, I’m sleepy, yo. And I’m pissy. I hate you Sabrina. I always hate you when we’re not together, pisses me off. I want you. 😦 Thanks for ignoring my texts biatchhh.

Okiedoke, Bye.

I’d Rather Be With You

What do you do when the guy you care most about, has been out of your life for years. Do you just forget about him, and move on? Or do you try to contact him, to hear his voice one last time. It sucks when you find out that HE could’ve been the one, but you were too immature to accept it. Life is a bitch.

I contacted him, like the pathetic person I am. And when he replies, my stomach clenched and I could barely breath. It’s that bad. But at least he replied, I just hope he replies again.. it’s been a week. Lol!

I want to stop talking about that, but the reason I bring this up is because I’ve been addicted to a song by Joshua Radin. It’s called “I’d rather be with you” and I love it. I just imagine him singing it to me, although I doubt he has the singing capabilities but it just makes me feel good. I’m a dork, deal with it.

So, we’re HOOOOOME! And quite frankly I’m in one of those gross, emo moods where I can’t get excited. And since the weekend was seriously the best weekend of my life, with my beloved Sabrina. I can’t rant and rave about it. I wouldn’t be able to give it justice, I’ll talk about the bad parts though. Heh.

Sabrina and I came to the conclusion that it should be ILLEGAL for theatres to not have stage doors. The theatres in Las Vegas are major fail. We saw the Lion King (which was amazingomg) but didn’t have a stage door experience. /tear. It hurt, it hurt bad.

That same night we were going to meet Shoshana Bean. She was in a show in Vegas called Peepshow featuring Holly Madison, and it was a strip tease (Sho doesn’t remove her shirt) so we weren’t old enough to actually see it. But we wanted to say “Hi” anyways. So like the major dorks we are, we went to the hotel/casino/mall/theatre peepshow was beeing shown at midnight, and Shoshana having a life and all, escaped from the back exit that we were told didn’t exist. Good thing is, Shoshana apologized to me on Twitter 🙂

Also, while we were waiting for the wonderful Shoshana to come out. We had a guy hit on us. An older guy who was completely unsuave about it. No class what so ever, I found it hilarious. It went something like this:

“Mind if I sit here?”

“Nope…… ”

“Okay, thanks! So how did you like the show?” (we were sitting outside the theatre where Peepshow was playing)

“We didn’t see it..”

“Ahh… well what’s on top?” (You… in a few hours. <—- LOL!! But no.)

“Nothing…. the couches are comfy.”

“Excuse me?”

“The couch is C-O-M-F-O-R-T-A-B-L-E”

“I see..”

Sabrina: “So anyway, I was saying.. that lady was going back into the theatre because she forgot something. That something being Shoshana Bean. ‘Shoshana, wake up!! You passed out!’. Hahahahahaha!” (We’re dorks)

/guy ungracefully gets up and walks away…

Went something like that. It was great.

Another thing I didn’t enjoy in Vegas was the weather. Ew. So dry, so smoked out. If you smoke, quit. I’ll never talk to you again! SO QUIT. It’s disgusting.

Yeah. Bleggggh. Anywho, TTYL, Ta-ta for now!

Weekend Hiatus

Left for Vegas,
Be back Monday!

It’s A Small World After All

And today I have a headache. Oh joy.
I’m full of complaints lately, I’m so ready to suck it up and write this blog like a trooper!

I actually don’t have much to write about, nothing at all. Let’s see, today I went to a public high school. It was gross. I’m so glad I go to a Private High School, no offense to anyone in public schools, the one I went to was just… grody. The gym smelled like BO, and it had this musty feel. Just yuck!

I went to go see a Volley Ball Game. Now that was pretty exciting, we lost (well, the team I came to support lost) but it was REALLY close! After the game my mom decided she was going to be lazy, and asked us to take the bus home. Being 100% broke, we had no coins/money for the bus so we decided to walk home. Reason for my head aching + exhaustion!

Oh! I remember what I had to say. So yesterday I moved into a room with my sister, completely changed locations and I’m actually really enjoying it! We got a 32′ flat screen TV, which I have to admit is pretty killer. And we have beds now, separate beds now. Life is good!

Now, we moved into the same room because we got a room mate. Her name is Penelope and she is a graduate from the High School Sabrina and I go to, which is pretty remarkable! She’s a sweet, elderly woman. A bit too timid for my taste, EXCEPT when she bathes. She keeps the door w i d e open. It kind of freaked me out, I left my room to grab a cup of lemonade, and BAM, naked lady in my face! Alarming.

That’s all I have to say about that, I hardly know her! I can’t wait til my friend Katie moves in, she should be arriving any day now. AHEM.

Anyway, I have nothing else to talk about. And now I just remembered telling myself: “If there ever comes a day where you have nothing to talk about, talk about the “search terms”.” So that’s exactly what I’m going to do!

I love looking at the Search Terms. WordPress allows us to be super stalkers and we see everything that is searched and I find some of the search terms hilarious! Are you ready?

I’ll only talk about my favorite 2, I have a headache so my brain isn’t quite working properly.

1. “black leather gloves” – Note the quotes. I did NOT add them. Someone had searched that and came across Sabrina’s blog when she dreamed about a man with “black leather gloves”. I find that so funny, who would search such a term? I wonder what they were really looking for…

2. my boyfriend was shallow – First of all, not even sure how this search term had ANYTHING to do with our blogs. Never did either of us mention our boyfriends being shallow? Lol! Crazy… and once again, who would search such words? Makes you wonder!

Alright, I think I’m done. I want a nap. I want to eat. I’m needy. I miss Sabrina. DISNEYLAND ON THURSDAY!!